SECURITEX® – Mailing bags
SECURITEX® – Mailing bags


The security film inside protects the content from moisture. The security material provides optimal visual protection, and the high tear strength ensures that the content arrives undamaged at the recipient.

SECURITEX® Mailing bags

valuables safely

Various use

Whether for shipping or archiving documents, data carriers or products – what's inside is safe.

Tear resistant and robust

Resilient material – tear-resistant and durable, even under extreme conditions.

Discretion for the content

Nothing shines through – the mailing bags are absolutely opaque.

Optimal printing conditions

Very good printability for individual design with logo, text and other motifs.


Moisture does not affect the product – the content remains protected.


Securitex® mailing bags present themselves with bright white material in a valuable look.

SECURITEX® Mailing bags

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