Nautilus® – Recycled paper envelope
Nautilus® – Recycled paper envelope

Absolutely white: 

With distinctive blue sky inside printing, provides high opacity and privacy. The CO2 neutral paper has a high whiteness. 100% FSC® recycled material. Excellent paper with the EU Ecolabel "EU Flower".

Nautilus® Recycled paper envelope

absolute state 
of The nature

Perfect carbon footprint

The envelopes from the Nautilus® series are CO2 neutral.


Thanks to popular "clouds inside print" - as an extra hint of environmental sustainability.

Top quality

No disadvantages compared to virgin fiber paper, excellent product properties.

Refined look

Bright white paper for noble optics in business communication.

Available in these formats

Nautilus® products are available in DIN long, C5 and C4 formats.

FSC - The mark of responsible forest management
Nautilus® Recycled paper envelope

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